100 - KULUSUK - 100
100 years jubilee exhibition
created by the children in Kulusuk

The village Kulusuk on the eastcoast of Greenland celebrates 100 years jubilee August 2009. 100 – KULUSUK – 100 is a co-operation between the school in Kulusuk, the Eskimologist Leise Johnsen from the Danish Artic Institut and set designer Anikka Nilsson.

The exhibition 100 – KULUSUK – 100 will be a journey through the last 100 years but also a vision for the future 100 years.

We wish the exhibition to reflect the childrens stories and view on history through paintings, photos, play, forms, text and colour.

The content and the expression of the exhibition will be made during a workshopweek in the school in Kulusuk in April 2009. The exhibition will be displayed i August 2009.

The exhibition will be relevant and meaningful for the local people in Kulusuk a well as for all the many tourists visiting the place.

All colorphotos have been taken during the workshop week i nKulusuk - most of them by the children. The photos and the material created during the week provide the background for the jubilee exhibition in Kulusuk on August the 9th.

All other photomaterial: www.arktiskebilleder.dk

Contact: Leise Johnsen
Published by Leise Johnsen & Arctic Institute in Copenhagen